Helm and Associates Consulting Services






Helm and Associates, Inc., is a general management consulting company.  Our mission is to improve the quality of employment, promotion, and development decisions that our clients and customers make.

Consulting services include:

> Team Building

> Crisis Intervention

> Succession Planning

> Leadership Development

> Coaching for Problem Employees, for Professional Development, and for Improved Management Style

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Personality Testing




Companies use personality testing for key employees, supervisors, managers, and executives to learn how an individual’s personality characteristics drive work style preferences and management performance.  Our personality evaluation is based on validated, work-relevant personality tests that were developed and validated by Dr. Kurt Helm, and that have been in use by companies throughout the United States since 2000.  Our personality evaluations are job relevant, professionally reviewed, and include growth-oriented developmental guides for new employees that are based on their unique personality preferences.

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Employment Testing





Employment testing is an essential piece of the pre-hire evaluation puzzle.  Employment tests are objective, validated, and reliable questionnaires that measure aspects of a person’s knowledge, skills, or suitability for a job.  Companies use employment testing to obtain more information about an applicant’s job-relevant knowledge, skills, or abilities than is available from interviews, resumes, and other pre-employment evaluation tools.  Our employment tests are all validated and job-relevant, and meet or exceed EEOC Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

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