The Important Thing About Tellers

The Important Thing About Tellers

Handling money accurately doesn’t seem like it should be difficult, does it?  After all, we all handle money every day, and we’ve been counting pennies since we first started getting an allowance.  It turns out, though, that handling money accurately under the pressure of multiple demands on one’s attention requires more than just good arithmetic skills.

Bank tellers work under pressure:  there may be a line of impatient customers, or there may be several demands on the teller’s attention.  The ability to count and handle money accurately, no matter what else is going on, is the one centrally important task that all tellers share.

Doesn’t it make sense, then, to find out about a teller applicant’s ability to handle money accurately, and to find out how well the applicant can use information to solve problems?

It’s not as simple as checking a person’s arithmetic skills; handling money accurately under pressure requires a solid mental awareness of monetary denominations and the ability to use logical thinking skills to solve problems.

The TELLER TEST is an objective, validated skills test that measures that awareness and that ability.  It was developed by Dr. Kurt Helm, an industrial psychologist, and has been used by banks and credit unions across the country since 1990.

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