TELLER TEST Results Report is now easier to use!

TELLER TEST Results Report is now easier to use!

The TELLER TEST has reliably measured the essential skills necessary for success as a teller in financial institutions since 1991, and now we have made the Results Report more informative and easier to use!

The new Results Report allows you to compare applicants with the thousands of applicants and working tellers who have completed TELLER TESTS since 1991, and it provides detailed results about:

  • Thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Work Style
  • Promotion Potential
  • Turnover Risk
  • Customized Training suggestions

Tellers are the “face” of your financial institution!  They are often the first people that new customers meet, and they get to know your regular customers well.  Being an effective teller requires the ability to sort through details, identify important information, and use that information to conduct transactions quickly and accurately.

The TELLER TEST measures a person’s ability to handle money and complex transactions accurately under time pressure.  Tellers do this every day, and they do it under pressure from long lines of impatient customers, several people talking to them at one time, and the need to remember all required procedures.

The TELLER TEST is a validated employment test that measures a person’s ability to use information to solve problems quickly and accurately, and it does so in terms of typical teller transactions.

The TELLER TEST takes only 20 minutes, and you receive immediate results that help you make hiring, placement, and training decisions!

There are no set-up or maintenance fees, and information about all of your completed tests is always available to you in a password-protected administrative account.  Your tests never “expire” or go away, no matter how often or seldom you use your account!

For less than $10 per applicant, you can begin immediately to include objective, job-relevant, and valid information in your selection and hiring process for tellers.

To learn more about how easily and affordably you can begin to use the TELLER TEST in your selection process, send us your name and contact information on the form below: